and the rules of business conduct

§  1.

  1. This document presents principles of business conduct that are followed every day by the Board, employees and co-workers of AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. during exercise their professional duties including contact with ithe interial customer (emploees)and external customer (clients, co-workers, third parties) .
  2. This statute book incorporates the principles of respect for the law and all regulations with particular regard to respect for human dignity and ethical behavior, and thus acts is as a framework for action and conduct in AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o, with the tendency to refine them and introduce further norms of behavior with changing reality.
  3. This material develops the characteristics that that should characterize behavior during contact with customers, third parties, employees and co-workers of AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o.
  4. The basic for good and successful cooperation is TRUST, for whitch we work in any, even the shortest contact, any authorized contact by company, including personal and celectronical ways of contact.
  5. This Codex will collect not only rules but tips also.
  6. This Code of Conduct applies to all persons employed and working with AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o.
  7. The rules in this Codex are strictly adhered by all persons representing AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. and their violation is reprehensible and is not tolerated.
  8. In case of violation rules of this Codex the appropriates measures will be taken by the company's authorities within the framewor of law regulations.


§  2.

  1. The Board, employees and co-workers of AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. obligated to:
    • to observance and respect all laws, including acts and regulations,
    • respect for cultural, religious, philosophical customs of employees, co-workers, clients, contractors and third parties,
    • taking care of the enviroment,
    • to behave ethically, responsibly and worthy of imitation regardless of the position or scape of cooperation with AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o.,
    • take actions to combat any kind of discrimination or harassment within the company or business relationships,
    • compliance with internal anty-mobbing policy,
    • read this codex and apply its recommendations.
  2. Products and services offered by AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o.  are provided at the highest quality level. Each employee is required to use all standards, introduced in the company and to collaborate directly in defining and implementing them.
  3. The needs and expectations of our clients are aur key determinant of our business, which means that we are for Clients and we are working for our Clients. The most desired effect is the ability to anticipate customers needs and the ability to adopt to ever-changing business reality.
  4. In order to gain the greatest trust of our clients and to survive on a demanding market, we focus on the quality of our  services, faitfully "we deliver what we promise".
  5. Honesty and mutual respect and are fundalental building confitions for trust.
  6. The basis of daily work is respect for oneself and colleagues and willingness to cooperate independtly of the function or scope of cooperation with AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. We support team decisions. All employees and co-workers act as one big team, hence the ability to exchange information and express their opinions, including passing their ideas not only inside the department, is a daily routine.
  7. We are able to listen to others, openly discuss about problems, and when seeking advice we are looking for the best and  the right solution, beacause the best solution can be found after reading the various points of reference.
  8. We focus on open communication in te company and involve employees in decision-making and problem solving.
  9. Every person representing AURA Technologies takes full responsibility for performing his or her tasks, and in the face of identified business process error, he on she communicates their observations to the supervisor and participates in the definition and implementation of the solution.
  10. If we criticize something, this criticism is focused on the problem not on the person.
  11. Together we create the best working conditions. We all care about the aesthetics and cleanliness of their workplaces, independently of the general cleaning work.
  12. Everyone follows the general safety rules and in emergency situations they are ready to help and rescue.
  13. AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. puts particular emphasis on data secirity, so we protect the data of company, our Clients and Contractors by all possible and available method/tools at a given moment.
  14. The personal data of our Clients and Employees are confidential, therefore we treat them in a special way so that they so that they do not get into third parties.
  15. The company is focused on efficient and achieving the best results, so we recognize and reward employees for their indywidual competencies and abilities. Together we create a work enviroment where everyone feels appreciated and thus we can develop personally and professionally for the good of the company.
  16. Due to the point above the Board/managers/managers of the departments/directors/project leaders are responsible for the proper divison of tasks within the team and support employees in their activities.
  17. Representatives of AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. take care about their intellectual development and systematically improve their professional qualifications.
  18. We are loyal to AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. and in the external contacts we care about  creating a coherent and valuable image of the Company, thus we represent the company worthily.
  19. In business relationship, personal interests or personal benefits can not affect business decisions.
  20. By taking business decisions we are guided solely by the interest of AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o.
  21. In external contects we avoid corruption in any form and avoid actions that can be cassified as corrupt.
  22. Every day we follow the rules of fair play.
  23. In the free-market economy that promoting innovation and efficiency, we approach products and services of competition, respecting the principles of free competition. We do not distribute false or unproven information about competing products or services and do not resort to unfair methods to gain competive advantage.
  24. In every day activities we remember that we are part of society, therefore Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the responsibility of our interest and our actions.
  25. As employees, associates and members of statutory bodies AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. we will refrain from any form of aggression, arrogance, unkindness, lack of kindness in mutual realations. We also commit ourselves that we will not be indifferent to any brutality or violence in our enviromemt. We will always solve difficult situations in a spirit of respect for the dignity of others and we will demand the same from others.


§  3.

  1. This Code of Ethics enters into force upon signature by te board.
  2. In case of any doubts about this rules of conduct, its should be consulted with the supervisors or the management of the company. When you can send inquiries or observation please use the address