AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. is the operator of (upon Service) and respects the privacy of all users of the said Services. This "Privacy Policy" defines what kind of information can be collected and how we can use it. By registering or ordering on you agree to be bound by these terms of privacy policy.

Privacy Protection:
AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. provides the right to privacy and protection of the Participant's personal data. AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. prior Users of the Services, that you will be asked to provide certain personal and business information that will be collected and used in accordance with the descriptions below.

  1. Types of data collected
    Users of the Service will be asked to provide full personal and business data regarding the use of the Service and the use of the service of AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o.


  2. Collection of user data and use of collected information
    Like most websites, the Service analyzes access logs with information on the users's IP number (IP address, domain name, browser type, etc.). This information is used for the administering purposes of  the Service and, above all, for statistical analyzes of our Users. All users of the Service have the possinility of direct contact via e-mail with empployees through correspondence addresses available on the website. 
    AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. keeps correspondence with Users for the best and fasters response to emerging queries. At the same time, the Service Operator quarantees that the addresses collected in this manner will not be used to communicate with the User for any purspose other that specified by User. Upon expressing your willingness to use the services and products of the Service Provider by completing the order form or registration form, you agree to process the data contained in the submitted form for the purposes nesessary for the order processing and to post your personal and company data in the AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. databases and use them for marketing purposes of AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. and business partners (according to the Personal Data Protectionn Act of 29.08.1997, Jurnal of Laws 02 No. 101, item 926, wit changes) and to receive from AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. commercial information withing the meaning of Act of July 18, 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Jurnal of Laws No. 144, item 1204) and information on software modifications by AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o.
    AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. collects information about Users primarily to meet their needs, execute orders and provide services and support. In case of inspection by the General Inspectorate for Personal Data Protection, your data may be made available to the employees of the Inspectorate in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. In case of violation our Terms of Service, break the law or where required by law, we may share your information with the judicial authorities.


  3. Protection of personal data and cancellation of attendance at the AURA Technologies database
    The data collected by Service i managed by URA Technologies Sp. z o.o. o NIP: 527-10-30-866, located in Warsaw at Fasolowa Street 31A.  You have the right to inspect and correct your data. You have the right to request to stop using your data and data of your company to inform you about changes in the software we sell, new products, ours business offers and our partner's  offers.  For this purpose the User is obligated to send information to AURA Technologies to the address: The information should contain at least the name and the NIP of the company, the e-mail address, as well as declaration of what kind of information from the above you do not wish to receive. Personal data i placed in a properly secured database of the Service, whitch is not accesable to unauthorized person. Any data processing is performed only by AURA Technologies employees or other authorized persons.  Data collection is performed with due diligence and in accordance with the Act of 29 August 1997 about the protection of personal data ( Journal of Laws of 1997 No. 133 items 883).


  4. How to contact the Users
    If you make a purchase of a product or service you will receive by e-mail confirmation of the transaction. AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. reserves the right to contact you by telephone to provide you important information of the transaction or service information of our software, or commercial offer. 


  5. Change of privacy policy
    We reserve the right of change this privacy policy by publishing a new policy on our webside.


Cookies policy


This Privacy Policy sets out the rules for collecting and accessing information on user's equipment using cookies for the purpose of providing electronic services for users by AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. based in Warsaw at Fasolowej 31A.


 § 1  Definitions

  1. Administrator - means AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o., registered in Warsaw (02-482), at Fasolowa 31A, KRS 0000007963, NIP: 527-10-30-866, Regon: 011178761, which provides services by elescroically way and collects and obtains access to the user's information by users's devices.
  2. Cookies - means IT data, in particular small text files, stored and collected on devices throught users use the Service's web pages.
  3. Cookies Administratora - means the Cookies posted by Administrator, related to the electronical services via the Website throught the Service.
  4. External Cookies - means Cookies posted by the Administratora, through the Service.
  5. Serwis - means the website
  6. Users - means the entity for witch services may be provided electronically or service agreement  may be concluded electronically, in accordance with  the law.

 § 2  Type of using Cookies

  1. Cookies used by Administrator are safe for the user's device. In particular it is not possible to penetrate into User's devices of viruses or other unwanted software or malware. These files allow to identify the software used by the User and customize the Service individually for each User. Cookies usually included tha name of the domain the came from, retention time on the device and assigned value.
  2. The Administrator uses two types of cookies:
    • Sesion Cookies: they are storied on the User's device and remain there until the end of the browser's session. Then, the stored information is permanently deleted from the device memory. The session cookies mechanism does not allow to download any personal information or confidential information from Users Devices.
    • Permanently Cookies: they are stored on the User Device and remain there until they are deleted. Terminating a browser session or disabling the Device does not remove them from the User Device. Mechanism of permanently cookies does not allow download any personal information or confidential information from User Device.
  3. You have the ability to restrict or disable cookies on your device. If you choose this option you will be able to use the Service except for functions they require cookies.


§ 3 The goals in which Cookies are used

  1. Administrator use their own Cookies to properlu Service configuration in particular to remenber user-selected settings and interface personalization such us the selected language or User's region.
  2. The Administrator uses own Cookies to autenticate the user on the Service and provide a user session on the Service, in particular to:
    • Maintaining a User's Service session (after logging in), whereby the User does not have to re-enter the login and password on each page of the Service
    • Correctly configured selected features of the Service, in particular verifying the authenticity of the browser session
    • Optimize and increase the efficiency of service provided by the Administrator
  3. The Administrator uses his own Cookies to perform the necessary processes for the full functionality of the Service, in particular to:
    • adjust the content of the Service to Users preferences and optimize the use of the Service. In particular, these files allow to recognize the basic parameters of User's device and display a webpage tailored to individual needs of users;
    • correct handing of the programs for partners, in particular verifying the sources redirection of Users on the website of the Service.
  4. The Administrator uses his own Cookies to remember the user's location, in particular to properly configure the selected features of the Service, alowing to customize the information provided to the Users including his location.
  5. The Administrator uses Cookies for the launch of Google Analytisc Advertising Features, used for statistical puproses, advertising and detailed of Users behavioral raporting.


 § 4 The ability to determine the conditions of storage or access by Cookies

  1. You may yourself and at any time change your Cooking settings by specifying the conditions for their storage and access by Cookies to your Device. Changes to the setting mentioned above, may be made through the settings of the web browser or through the configuration of the service. These settings may be changed in particular to block the automatic handing of cookies in your web browser settings or to infor of each time you place Cookies on your device. Detail information on the capabilities and ways of handing Cookies is available in the software settings (web browser).
  2. User can remove Cookies at any time by using the features available in the web browser he uses.
  3. Restricting the use of Cookies may affect some of the funcjonality available on the Website of the Service.
  4. User may block Google Analytics Advertising Features using Google Analytics blocking applications for your browser (for more information see: