selected features of Ramzes-OnLine you should know about


With Ramzes-OnLine nothing limits you! Neither time nor place. Only you decide where and when you use it.


Your data is protected by top-level security and daily backup. You're sure they are okay with them.


With Ramzes-OnLine you do not invest in hardware and additional IT services. You can focus on the development of your business.


You are not worried about installing and modifying the program. All the technical actions will be done for you.


View the most popular buying sets of Ramzes-OnLine. Remember that you can modify them as you want!

Service microcompany

62 zł *

Sales sets for a small non-stock company. It oversees cash trading, receivables,  keeos a book of revenues and expenses with automatic consideration of depreciation of fixed assets for up to 5 funds.

 *)  Monthly payments

Trading company

178 zł *

Set up a trading company to work in three positions. Enables full warehouse and sales support, cash registers, receivables and payables. Including full accountig and depreciation of fixed assets.

*) Monthly payments

Accounting office

443 zł *

Comprehensive set of accounting office for an aulimited number of taxpayers and 5 operators; it allows you to run all types of accounts with depreciation and full payroll support; works with e-declarations and Payer.

*) Monthly payments

Call: 22 460 5 490



Of the modules available in Ramzes-OnLine choose the one that suits your needs: you can issue invoices without inventory control or full warehouse support; you can use competences, cash control and payables and receivables.



Settle taxes - depending on your business - using simplified of full accounting. Each of these systems will allow you to meet your tax obligations in a convenient and fast way, send declarations (also in electronic form), analyze your costs and revenue.



Are you hiring workers? In Ramzes-Online you will settle your obligations and ypur employee witg ZUS and US, you will pay the payroll and you will pay them by homebanking; you will connect with the Payer and you will use the electronic declaration.





Starting work on Ramzes-OnLine we offer you our support to quickly master the program.

By using free education materials - manuals, movies, knowledge bases - you will learn the program in detail.

Quastions and doubts will be explained during Free Training Consulting conducted online by our scpecialists.

In addition you will receive access to technical consultations (telephone and email) within the Free Advice Packages.

We hope to meet you also during one of the many online meetings presenting new features.


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June 21, 2017

Important changes in Aplikacja Ramzes and SaldeoSMART

We invite you to a webinar dedicated to the important functionality of our systems. This time we will focus mainly on Aplikacja Ramzes and financial and accounting systems and payroll and human resources system. We will also take a short moment to SaldeoSMART to gest your attention on interesting solutions.
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MAY 31, 2017

We invite you to read Gazeta Finansowa

In the last issue of Gazeta Finansowa, the raport ""Turbines of the Polish Economy 2017" was published. On this occasion our CEO, Grażyna Sroczyńska was asked to outline his view on the direction of change in the software market. We invite you to familiarize yourself with this and other interesting texts accompanying the ranking of Gazeta Finansowa.
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September 8, 2016

enova365 IT Leader in the ERP Trends category

We are pleased to announce that the enova365 system has received IT Leader 2016 award in the ERP Trends category! The aword ceremony took place during IT Future Awards at the IT Future Expo at the National Stadium in Warsaw.
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February 27, 2017

AURA Technologies Sp. z o.o. "Solid Company 2016"

We are pleased to annouce that we have received the "Solid Company 2016" certyficate, which was officially handed over on Friday, February 25th. The distrination confirms our credibility as a business partner.
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Is the obligation to send JPK reports apply to you also?

You do not have to worry about additional costs!


In Ramzes-OnLine changes to the JPK file you receive within a monthly subscription!

Recall, according to the Act of 10 September 2015 amending the Tax Law Ordinance (Journal of Laws of 2005, item 1649), entrepreneurs from 1 July 2016 (computer-based accounting) are obliged to ship monthly VAT registers and a set of detailed data at the request of the inspection body. Depending on the size of the business, this obligation may be postponed. And so - small and medium-sized entrepreneurs will only cover it from 1 January 2017 in the monthly dispatch of VAT registers. Micro entrepreneurs must be ready until January 2018.

Details: 22 460 5 490.




Choose the most convenient way for you to test

 Ramzes-OnLine in RDP

 Recommended for stationary users of Aplikacja Ramzes



  • running a demo version requires a free account (it may take a few days)
  • testing time - up to e few days
  • the ability to import - for testing purposes - data from a desktop version
  • WARNING! After purchasing Ramzes-OnLine the access in the same (RDP).



Ramzes-OnLine in the browser

Recommended for non-working in Aplikacja Ramzes yet



  • you will get access to the demo version right after you submit your application
  • testing time is up to logout
  • during testing you can use data entered into the program
  • WARNING! This test mode is different from the target work on Ramzes-OnLine which results is turn off some functions (more >>>)




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